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Background and qualifications

My background is made up of equal parts business and linguistics. I have an honours degree in International Marketing and Languages from the renowned Dublin City University (with first class honours in both French and German). As part of my studies, I spent two semesters writing my thesis at Université de Lyon III and won a scholarship to Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität in Bonn. (More recently, I completed an Open University Certificate in Accounting in 2006 to supplement my business background when working in the field of financial translation.)

I moved to Germany in 1997, having been offered a market research position with the NOP Group in Cologne, where I managed a series of multinational qualitative and quantitative market research projects, working closely together with one of Cologne’s leading translation agencies. Eager to move to a more language-oriented environment, I took up an offer of a project management position within the same translation agency, where, among other responsibilities, I ran the freelance English department.

Having worked in a business environment as a translation customer, as an agency project manager and as a freelance translator, I am familiar with the translation process from all sides. In other words: I know what the customer wants and I know how to provide it.

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