Market research

The idea behind Insight Translations was inspired by an associate of mine in the automotive market research industry, who was complaining of the lack of specialised translators in the field of market research. Market research is a sensitive instrument that requires considerable care on the part of the translator, as any inaccuracies on the translation front could lead to serious implications on the findings of the research.

Having worked in the NOP Group for several years, I have hands-on experience in all the major areas of both quantitative and qualitative market research. I can offer that all-important “insider view” that is necessary for effective market research translation. It is my opinion that only those who have organised MR clinics, designed questionnaires, analysed quantitative study data and drafted countless reports and presentations have the insight required to produce a top-class market research translation.

Here is a sample of the market research translation services that I can provide:

  • CATI questionnaires
  • Codeframes
  • Group discussion transcripts
  • MR clinic invitations
  • Offers
  • Pen and paper questionnaires
  • Presentations
  • Reports
  • Verbatims (answers to open-ended questions)