A few words on quality

Quality is an attribute to which virtually anyone can lay claim. And so we have dog food made with ‘quality ingredients’, ‘quality support service’ from surly incompetents and ‘quality time’ in front of the television. If the word ‘quality’ has not actually been hyped to death yet, then it has certainly lost much of its currency.

This being so, rather than stating that I offer a quality service, let me put it in more concrete terms:

  • I know my strengths as a translator and I know my limits – I am not afraid to turn down translations if the subject matter is beyond my expertise (e.g. nuclear physics, neurosurgical techniques, female thought process analysis)
  • I will deliver when agreed: your deadlines are sacred
  • My translation will read like a natural piece of well-written English, not like a translation
  • I will translate and proof-read your text myself – it won’t be put through a translation machine or outsourced to an infinite number of monkeys
  • I will advise you on cultural aspects to be taken into account and will draw your attention to any mistakes or inconsistencies in the source text that come to my notice
  • I use my own terminology and translation databases to ensure consistency in my translations – and consistency with the terminology used on your website, etc.