A worthwhile investment

Picture this. You are planning to set up a German branch of your company in Berlin and are looking for assistance from local experts. A business associate has recommended a local management consultancy firm that specialises in dealing with UK companies setting up in Germany. Buzzing with anticipation, you type in the company’s URL, move your mouse to the fluttering Union Jack on the top right-hand corner of the website and hold your breath.

We suport Your Succes!

Disappointed, maybe even disgusted, you cross the business associate off your Christmas card list and start Googling other consulting firms in the area. After all, if this company is as sloppy as this in its attempts to sell itself to potential customers, they are probably not the kind of people you would want to let loose on your multimillion euro project.

Language does more than merely communicate information about a company’s products and services – it conveys a company’s attitude, credibility and respect for its customers. After all, would the German management consultancy firm in the above example have subjected their domestic customers to a website written by an English intern who once spent two months selling ice cream in Bonn? Thought not.